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 Hypothermia therapy apparatus RC-2000I
Hypothermia therapy apparatus is also known as ice blanket, ice cap or brain cooling instrument.
1. Clinical Applications:
Widely used in physically cooling patients of brain edema, cerebral hemorrhage, traumatic brain injuries, cranial hypertension and central high fever.
It is also used for cooling joints in orthopedics, which can speed up the recovery of patients
2. Applicable departments
Mainly used for the hypothermia treatment in neurology, neurosurgery, ICU and other clinical departments
3. Working principles
The compressor provides cold source with fluorine-free environmental refrigerants. After secondary special water cycle circulation system and control system, contact patient body with cooling blanket and cap, control temperature with temperature differences to achieve the goal of cooling and build the sub-hypothermia environment. It is widely used in sub-hypothermia treatment in clinical departments.
4. Features:
Fully computer-controlled, highly intelligent, precise temperature control by imported sensor.
Large LCD Screen.
Compressor is imported abroad, with long time life and low noises.
Automatic temperature control and timing, cooling rapidly and widely, -4℃-40℃ 
Body temperature monitoring, LCD shows body temperature at any time
Fast connectors, making operation more convenient and simple.
Safe and reliable. Can be used for a long time continuously.
Anticorrosive ABS engineering plastic chassis.
5.Product structure:
Composed of host machine, a cooling blanket or a cooling hat. One-way output