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Multi-frequency vibratory sputum excretion machine PTJ-5002CE(C/E)Product introductionMultifrequency vibration sputum excretion machine is designed specifically for patients with pulmonary ventilation disorder. It not only can replace manual percussion on back, but also can row phlegm in deep lung which manual percussion on back cannot reach. It can prevent and reduce  occurrence of respiratory complications.
1. Applicable Departments
Respiratory Medicine, Neurosurgery, Neurology, ICU/CCU, Thoracic Surgery, General Surgery, Emergency Department, Pediatrician, Geriatric Department And Occupational Medicine.
2. Working Principles
Multifrequency vibration sputum excretion machine adopts mechanical vibration force, using its unique function of vibration, simulating manual method of percussion, tremor and shove, to fully realize the purpose of postural drainage of patients.
3.Product Features
a. The unique design of safety voltage 24V, guarantee safety of medical staffs and patients.
b. servo system circuit makes the actual output vibration frequency consistent with the settings without power attenuation.
c. The operation handle can rotate 360°freely. This form of rotation makes the operation of medical stuff flexible and convenient, greatly reducing their labor intensity.
d. There are 10 treatment heads to meet different requirements of different patients.
e. One rotating button, easily to operate.