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Intermittent pneumatic compression apparatus IPC-6000B1. Applications and working principle. 
Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Apparatus is commonly known as hemiplegic comprehensive therapeutic apparatus, gradient pressure therapeutic apparatus, limbs circulation instrument, and antithrombotic pressure pump. The sequential repeated charging and discharging of the multi-cavity airbag forms the circulating pressure to limbs and organizations. It will promote the flow of blood and lymph, improve microcirculation, and accelerate return of tissue fluid, It will prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and edema and treat any disease related to lymph circulation directly and indirectly
2.Application Department:
Rehabilitation, Orthopedics, Neurology, Gynecology, Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Diabetes Division, ICU, CCU etc.
3. Product features:
a. Executive standard: IPC-6000 series intermittent pneumatic compression apparatus strictly executes standard of YY 0833-2011 limbs compression physiotherapy equipment, which is mandated by our nation. 
b.Over-Pressure Alarming: pressure higher than 30 kpa, automatically alarming and stop working.
Under- Pressure Alarming: lower setting pressure, automatically alarming and stop working.
End Alarming: automatically alarming after finishing treatment.
c. Emergency stop switch: out-built switch is simple and safe for patients.
d. Dynamic mode display stimulates and shows the real-time therapy of charging, knowing treatment intuitively.
e. Emergency stop switch: out-built switch is simple and safe for patients.
f. Pressure of charging airbag can be set manually at any time to reach effect of treatment, any airbags can be closed according to clinical requirement.