YCB - 7000

2020-01-14 Administrator:Site
Medical warming system YCB - 7000
1. YCB-7000 Medical warming system is composed of host machine, warming blanket and body sensor. It is popular disposable warming products in operating rooms of hospitals.
2. Applications
Medical warming system can promote blood circulation and improve human immunity during perioperative period by keeping patients’ temperature. It also can be used in Department of Burn.
3. Features:
a. Fully computer-controlled, highly intelligent, temperature control is reliable and sensible.
b. Colorful LCD display, English menu.
c. Front self-lock tight air pipe connector is convenient, flexible and well-sealed.
d. A rotating knob, simple and quick.
e. Four-gear temperature settings and two optional wind speed.
f. Automatic temperature control, automatic timing, heating up quickly.
g. Blanket is disposable, without crossed infection, tidy and safe.
h. Alarming and outage protecting function when temperature is higher or lower than settings.
i .Convenient and movable to operation.
j. Safe and reliable, can be used for a long time continuously.