PTJQ – 8000B

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 Airway clearance system PTJQ – 8000Bclearance system
1. Clinical Application and Mechanism
Airway clearance system (airway clearance system) uses the technology of “high frequency of chest wall oscillation” (HFCWO). It send pulse signal through host machine, making inflatable vest (or chest strap) produce high-speed and repeated oscillation in high-frequency, and forming directional independent drainage, which will make the secretions of respiratory tract and deep lobes relax, liquefy and fall off, so sputum would move from the bronchial to the main trachea and be eliminated by cough or artificial suction.
2. Indications
It is suitable for patients who have difficulty in pulmonary secretion excretion or that have pulmonary atelectasis caused by mucus obstruction. It would facilitate airway to clear sputum and improve bronchial drainage effect.
3. Product                                                  
a. ABS engineering plastics with strong corrosion resistance.
b. 5 inch color touch screen for PTJQ-8000B.
c Manual mode, 5 automatic program modes and user-defined mode, making operation professional, flexible and convenient.
d. Equipped with handheld pressure relief device. When patients feel uncomfortable, they can push it to release pressures, convenient and safe. 
e. Automatic alarm after the end of the treatment.
f. Equipped with 3 different vests and chest belts, meet different requirements of patients
h. Vest is made up of jacket and air bag. They are detachable for easily cleaning.